Watching Hulu outside the US is now a common desire for American expats living abroad, most of which especially south of the border in Mexico. As most will know when you try to access Hulu, Fox, CBS or any other American Television network on the Internet when outside of the US, you will see a large notice saying something along the lines of “Sorry Not Available Outside of the US”. This problem can now be solved by a clever piece of technology called a VPN connection. A VPN connection basically connects either your computer or smart device that you are using in Mexico to say but via a server that is located within the United States so that the website shows that your Internet browsing is within the US, when in actual fact you could be anywhere in the World!

Laptop Telly is a specialist at providing British & American expatriates access to both British & American online TV & Radio content anywhere in the World. Once you have set up a user account with us you will be able to access unlimited access to all content on Hulu, Fox, CBS, SYFY aswell as UKTV, ITV Player (UK), Channel 4 On Demand (UK) & many more services.

This technology is now fully compliant with all new smart devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices.