Watching the ‘TV Catchup’ web service outside of the UK has always been a rather frustrating thing as all VPN companies and their servers are usually blocked, however one of our loyal customers has very kindly pointed out the below procedure that worked for him perfectly in the United Arab Emirates and so it may be worth a try once you have a VPN account with us. Once you have TV Catchup working properly overseas you will have access to even more channels such as Sky 3, Quest & Viva.

You will unfortunately need to be running Windows 8 in order for this to work although it may be possible for other versions of windows to work with this.

Go to your “Control Panel” and change region for United Kingdom
Go to Windows store app and search for TVCatchup (trickhint: when you change your region to any other you will be able to download any free Windows 8 app not available in your country) or use this link:

Start TVC app. It will fail to play video as your IP address is not recognized as UK one. Don’t close this app just press “Windows” button.

Start the VPN01 dialer and connect to one of our UK servers in the properties.
Move your mouse (or swipe from left) on left side of the screen and go back to TVC app, choose desired channel… and it should start to work for you.

Although we cannot yet guarantee 100% success rate for this, we have has several customers in the Middle East, USA & Australia all try this with success when using our VPN service. If you want to give it a go then subscribe and get yourself a VPN account with us by clicking here.